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The One and Only Real iPhone Web Browser Roundup

While Safari, the iPhone's built-in web browser, is a joy to use, it lacks some functionality. Some of them:

- full screen mode (browse the web without top and bottom mode and no command bar screen space). So you can use app https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pdf-scanner-app-scan-docs-id/id1495971405 comfortable.

- Orientation lock (so Safari doesn't change orientation when you move or rotate the phone)

- Easier way to switch between open pages (now sometimes requires multiple taps to go to another open web page/swipe)

- Background Web page loading (so you don't have to wait for a new page to open while you're reading the current one)

- Allow additional pages to open without constantly reloading them (although it certainly helped with the latest version of Safari, the newly released iPhone OS 3.0)

- Customizable web browsers

You can quickly scroll not only to the top of the page, but also to the bottom (for example, to view forums, recent blog posts)

- Providing "fake" user agents to make web servers think you're using a desktop browser instead of an iPhone-based browser

- Page view case

Blocking images from loading to speed up page load time a and r educate the use of data

- Enter third-party web browsers that allow the above operations. Let's take a closer look at them - especially since the current, pre-OS3 summaries are out of date - some of them were published as early as January - and no longer contain useful information.

First, as with previous web browser bibles mostly for Windows Mobile (see for example THIS ), most of the information you need to know can be found on the comparison and features page found HERE . It is quite large, so it is best to either print it (landscape) or view it on a desktop computer with as large a screen as possible. After a quick introduction and evaluation of the reviewed browser, I spent a fair amount of time explaining what each line in the chart means and how the reviewed browsers behave in relation to it. There you will find many more information and tips.

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