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How to Turn ON Siri Message Announcements Through Your AirPods in iOS 13

With each new software update, Apple always tries to make its devices smarter. And it is not only about updating call recording download. That includes making Siri the best it can be. In a similar effort, Apple cemented the friendship between Siri and Airpods through voice notifications. Now, Siri doesn't just announce the caller's name to Airpods; It can announce the name of the message sender and read the message.

So when you enable Siri notification messages via AirPods in iOS 13, the default assistant will read the messages to you. It also gives you the freedom to reply to these messages using the Bluetooth wireless headset itself. Not only does it work with the default messaging app, but it also works with any third-party messaging app that has the SiriKit API for developers.

This feature is currently only applicable to second-generation Airpods and some Beats headphones and H1 headphones with a wireless chip. This prevents first-generation AirPods and most third-party Bluetooth headphones from working.

How Siri Message Notification Works

To use this feature, your iPhone or Apple Watch must be paired with Airpods. Normally, when AirPods are connected to your ears, you'll just get a ping that tells you the message. When you set Siri to announce a message through AirPods, it will play different tones. The virtual assistant will announce the sender's name and write the message. If the same person receives another message, Siri will continue typing it. This way, you can listen to messages without touching or looking at the device. After reading the entire message, another ping will announce that you can now reply to the message.

You can ignore the message or reply by saying "Tell them" followed by your message. Siri converts your speech to text, and depending on the settings you choose, Siri will read the message once to approve it or send it directly. The best part is that you don't need to say "Hey Siri" to do anything.

Plus, you'll learn how to manage Siri notifications for specific apps; Choose from All, Recent, All contacts, and Favorites.

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