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Left 4 Head Vs The Alien Super Fiend Pt 2 Of 2


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Patio, being a large man, finally has enough and grabs the tentacles in an attempt to calm the squid and pull her away. She is tossed around like a rag doll, getting thrown down, slammed against a wall, kicked, thrown into a pool, and eventually dragged up to the surface. Blewie found herself in the middle of the fight and realized that she was about to get raped by the tentacles until Patio came to her rescue by grabbing the tentacles and pinning her down to the ground. The next thing she knew the tentacles retracted and then she watched as the squid got up and grabbed her bikini top and walked away with it. Blewie was left behind as Patio was carried away. She then went up to the pool and decided to jump in. As she was swimming to shore, Blewie was yanked from the water by her bikini top. She then goes into an underwater scream because that what is what she thought her fate was going to be. She is then dragged onto shore by her top and left there, naked, out of the water. On her back, she noticed her shirt was gone and realized that she was wearing it when she was pulled out of the pool. She then ran around trying to find it, where she is almost run over by a car. She gets up off of the ground, and jumps up and down, in hopes that it will fly off of her. She then gets in the car to go back to the contest. At the contest, the rest of the contestants were dancing and singing. Suddenly Blewie realized that her top was missing again. She finds it in the place she had last seen it, but when she turns around, it was gone. She then notices that the next person who was dancing is Lady Velvet. She quickly slinks in between Velvet and Christine and watches the other women. She then realizes that she has lost her top. She sees Lady Velvet grabbing it from a table. She then slinks over and snatches it back. The next thing she knows, Velvet is making fun of her. Blewie then realizes that Velvet stole her top, and runs off. Blewie runs to a table and grabs a tablecloth and rushes to the front of the room. She tosses the cloth and soon she is in a tight battle with Velvet. She finally manages to wrestle the top out of her hands and pulls it off of her. She then dresses in it and runs out of the room in



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Left 4 Head Vs The Alien Super Fiend Pt 2 Of 2

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