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26-27 April 2018 | Moscow, Russia.

Blockchain’s ability to generate exceptional opportunities to create and trade value in society is leading a monumental shift from ‘internet of information’ to ‘internet of value’. It is high time to identify and prioritise the various areas of interest in public and private sector, and educate the market about the transformational potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

World Blockchain Summit aims to connect global blockchain gurus and key technology players in this space, including emerging startups, with regional business and IT leaders across key industry verticals.

Be a part of the summit to meet, interact and create business relations with the representatives of world-leading corporate and financial institutions.

Some of the leading speakers include:
-MARCO ROBINSON, Founder, Naked Technologies LTD, United Kingdom
-DANIELLE DI-MASI, Marketing and Communications Expert, The Interactions Lab PTY LTD, Australia
-MAXIM GORBACHEV, Managing Partner, RMI Partners, Russia
-JACK SHAW, Executive Director, American Blockchain Council, United States
-HANS CHRISTENSEN, Director, Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Centre (Dtec), UAE
-RICHARD KASTELEIN, Founder of Blockchain News, Cryptoassets Design Group & Blockchain Partners, Netherland
-KENT KRISTENSEN, CEO, and Debit coin, Denmark
-DINIS GUARDA, Author; CEO & Founder, lifesci, United Kingdom
-DIANE SCHRADER, Founder and CEO, THIRDact, United States

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