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President of the Association


Dr Victor Dostov

Dr Victor Dostov is one of the leading experts and managers in Russian retail payment sectors. He is the President of the Russian Electronic Money Association since 2009.

Since 1999, Dr Dostov was a managing partner and one of the founders of the PayCash Group involved in technological engineering, project management, investment and consulting in retail payments. The PayCash Group launched (exclusively or jointly) such projects as Yandex.Money, Mobi.Dengi, iDealer, Beeline e-commerce and many others. Victor was on the Board of the PayCash Group, Mobi.Dengi payment company, Director for new payment technologies in Tavrichesky Bank and other businesses.

Dr Dostov took part in regulatory consultations under the aegis of the Russian Central Bank, Infocommunication Union, Mobey Forum, GSMA and participated in devising regulations for the pre-paid cards and other pre-paid products. He consulted supervisory authorities in Russia and Ukraine as well.

Dr Dostov participates in the workings of the industrial associations and consultative institutions of the government bodies. Since 2013, he is presiding over the Committee on e-money, mobile payments and e-commerce of the “National Payment Council” Association. He also participates in the Consultative Council on AML/CFT matters, Multiagency Council on optimization of payments, Technical Committee “Mobile payments” of the Russian Central Bank , Expert Council on non-bank organizations, microfinancing and credit cooperation of the State Duma Committee on financial markets. Dr Dostov is a continuous participant of the Private Sector Consultations with the Financial Action Task Force and Eurasian Group.

Head of the Russian Electronic Money Association is the author of the training courses for the staff of the Russian Central Bank, Federal Security Service, Federal Anti-Drug Service, and private sector representatives of the Eurasian Group members.

Since 2009 Dr Dostov is closely involved in the study of the financial inclusion and AML/CFT matters and takes part in the events of the CGAP, AFI, FATF and Eurasian Group on these issues.

Dr Victor Dostov is a constant participant of the conferences and roundtables on retail payments and author of multiple publications on the issues of retail financial services. He is a member of the Expert Council of the “Settlement and Operations in the Commercial Bank” journal, member of the Editorial Board of the “Microfinance+” magazine, country correspondent of the “Financial Regulation International” (Informa Law UK). He is a fluent in English and Spanish.