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WebMoney Transfer

WebMoney Transfer is a global settlement system and environment for online business activities, established in 1998. Since then, over 28 million people from all over the world have joined it. WebMoney is a convenient system for all kinds of online transactions, and also fully-featured environment for financial relations on the Internet. WebMoney offers services which will allow you to keep track of your funds, attract funding, resolve disputes and make secure transactions.



The QIWI brand was established in Russia on April 22, 2008. This became a milestone not only for our Group, but for the branch of instant payments in general. From a payment system focused on collaboration with partners, QIWI developed into a consumer service with new principles and standards of ultimate consumers maintenance.The QIWI brand is a family brand that consolidates several directions: kiosks, wallet, bank and even terminals of goods delivery. Our payment services qualify as highly technological though having clear usability. That is why our brand is friendly and recognizable, symbolizing comfort and arousing trust.QIWI provides everyone with convenient and accessible instruments for making all kinds of regular and requisite payments. QIWI Kiosks and Visa QIWI Wallet help to pay for services of over 70 000 providers, including state organizations, utility services, mobile network operators, banks, online-shops, remittance systems. QIWI, with the support of Visa, became the first payment service to issue virtual cards, that enable making purchases on the internet. Also, we offer our users an opportunity of applying for QIWI Visa Plastic which has a joint account with Visa QIWI Wallet and allows shopping both online and offline.



Yandex.Money is an online payment service. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week alongside tens of thousands of Russian and international stores so that users can pay anytime and anywhere for mobile services, internet, Skype, games, tickets, home utilities, and lots of other goods and services.


Wallet One Payment System

Wallet One ia a convenient electronic multi-currency money with a great number of ways to top up and withdraw. P2P transactions, magnificent method to pay online. Wallet One Checkout is a payment systems aggregator for online stores. 100+ ways for your customers to make a payment, handy tools for basic indicators and statistics. We work in 15 countries, have 25 000+ suppliers,15 000+ terminals, 40 000+ online shops, 500 000+ upload locations, 7 000 000+ customers


CONTACT payment system

CONTACT payment system established in 1999. Since August 27, 2014, "Rapida" Ltd. is an operator of CONTACT system. CONTACT system laid the foundations of the Russian market of remittances and is currently one of its leaders in Russia and CIS countries. CONTACT pool of partners consists of more than 900 financial institutions in Russia and abroad, which form an extensive network of service points - 400 000+ POS, including payment terminals, in more than 170 countries. CONTACT system also processes payments to the more than 1,500 legal entities - commercial banks, trading companies, insurance and travel companies and their agents, Internet service providers, telecom operators, etc. Annually millions of customers worldwide use the System's services. CONTACT system is the winner of numerous Russian and international awards in quality and business leadership fields - a three-time winner of the All-Russian contest "Brand № 1 in Russia" in the category "Remittances" in 2011, 2012, 2013; recipient of the National Award for "Customer Rights and Quality of Service 2014"; winner of The Bizz 2013 awards (NY, 2013) as well as Interantional Quality Star (NY, 2013) and International Star for Quality (Geneve, 2012).


We’re a leading online payment service provider dedicated to creating a fast, simple and efficient payment process for merchants and buyers. We’ve always focused on and continue to focus on matching merchants’ needs with the way consumers shop and pay. Whether someone wants to make a payment online on a computer, tablet, mobile device, e-wallet or even offline, our 250+ payment methods are designed to make it fast, simple and secure.
Our presence in 16 high growth markets in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa enable us to be experts in these countries and provide the best solutions locally. These 16 countries represent a potential consumer base of more than 2.2 billion people. And we take pride in having more than 1,400 payment specialists constantly working to exceed our 160,000+ merchants’ and millions of buyers’ needs and expectations.
Our strength lies in our local approach: valuing local language and culture, our entrepreneurial spirit and the quality of our people. Together we create excellent consumer experiences by focusing on being a great and dynamic place to work.

The Russian Microfinance Center

The Russian Microfinance Center (RMC) is the Russian Federation’s leading Microfinance think-tank, service provider, and advocate. Since its establishment in 2002, the RMC has become the number one provider of microfinance consulting services, research, and training in Russia, as well as the sole national-level advocate and resource center for Russian Microfinance Institutions (MFIs).
During our 10+ year tenure, we have worked tirelessly to create a more inclusive financial system in Russia and the surrounding region— and will continue to do so until poverty is a pastime.
The Russian Microfinance Center operates as a not-for-profit fund under Article 118 of the Russian Civil Code, maximizing the objectivity of our work. Outside of partnerships and collaborations, no for-profit or not-for-profit entities from either the public or private sphere exert influence over our work.



PayPal allows any business or individual with an email address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively send and receive payments online. Our network builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global, real-time payment solution. We deliver a product ideally suited for small businesses, online merchants, individuals and others currently underserved by traditional payment mechanisms.
The size of our network and widening acceptance of our product have helped us become one of the leading payment networks for online auction websites. PayPal is also being increasingly used on other ecommerce sites for the sale of goods such as electronics and household items, the sale of services such as web design and travel, and the sale of digital content. Offline businesses, including lawyers, contractors and doctors, have increasingly begun to receive payments online through PayPal. PayPal's service, which lets users send payments for free, can be used from computers or web-enabled mobile phones.


Tinkoff Bank

Tinkoff Bank is an innovative provider of online financial services operating in Russia through a high-tech branchless platform. The bank was founded in 2006 by a Russian entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov.
The bank’s product range includes credit, debit and prepaid cards, deposits, co-branded cards, and agent-based mortgage products. With its special focus on mobile business, the bank offers mobile applications both for its customer base (Mobile Bank) and beyond it (Traffic Fines, MoneyTalk, Card 2 Card instant money transfers).
The bank’s five-year strategy has the ambition of becoming a financial supermarket where customers can shop not only for our products, but also for those of our partners.
As at 1 November 2015, the bank was the second largest player in the Russian credit card market, with a market share of 7.7%. As at 1 December 2015, the bank issued over 5.4 m credit cards. The bank is well capitalised: its CBR N1 total capital ratio stood at 13% as at 1 December 2015.


IT and processing company, specialising in mobile commerce and payment technologies. PayCash and VTB are the main stockholders. The project was started in 2003. Now is the absolute leader in mobile commerce solutions with a market share of 90%. It has a team of more than 70 highly professional specialists with extensive knowledge of information technology, telecommunications and financial services.


C24 is a new convenient service, which allows to make payments and remittances, and also to pay bills via a number of sources of funds available to users. You can sign up for our service within a few minutes and enjoy fast and safe, convenient and beneficial payment technology, built with love for people.

Rapida Ltd.

Rapida LLC is the oldest national payment system in Russia. We provide our financial services under a direct license of Bank of Russia since 2001.
Our approach is based on a long-term experience of leading international payment systems and cutting-edge developments in sphere of electronic payments.We possess own datacenter and have established hundreds of direct peer-to-peer connections with local payment agents and recipients, which allows us to perform a continuous flow of transactions ordered by millions of our customers within fractions of seconds.
Rapida cooperates with many domestic and foreign banks, B2C service providers, retail networks, both big and small local and national partners. Wide coverage of payment points network along with online web service gives our customers the ability to make payments and money transfers in convenient way and time.

OOO NKO Mobilnaya Karta

OOO NKO Mobilnaya Karta is certified by The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Certificate № 3522-К from 31st March 2014).
We are the unique service for social-oriented payments. Taking into account all the complexities and difficulties of payment processes in these area, we are working on simplifying and facilitating the daily routine of our customers.
Our mission is to minimize the waist of time when you pay, and also establishment of cooperation between the owners of property, service companies and service providers. Our main principles are openness, transparency and financial resource management. Every day we use advanced technology and experience to make the payment process simple, convenient and secure.